Mixed Ideaz
African Recycled Metal Art and Sculpture

I am originally from Harare in Zimbabwe where as a child I used to make toys from wire to play with. About 20 years ago I came to South Africa to look for work but I could not find a job. This lead me back to the skills I acquired as a child making objects from wire. I started by making world globes from wire with the continents outlined with thin sheets of beaten metal.This was the start of what is currently a 20 year career using recycled metal to create art and sculpture.

I found that many tourists visiting Africa are interested in animal trophies and I saw this as an opportunity to meet this need in an animal and environment friendly manner by creating animal trophy heads out of recycled metal.

I started a recycled metal art studio in Salt River in Cape Town. In my studio I have over time trained many Zimbabweans in the art of creating commercial art from recycled materials including wire, sheet metal, tin cans, bottletops and whatever I find available. This has allowed these artists to make a living and care for their families.

My time is now split between overseeing and training aspiring recycled metal artists in the craft doing commercial work and spending time doing bespoke commissioned pieces in any of my unique styles.


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