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African Recycled Metal Art and Sculpture

Recycled Metal Sculptures

Recycled metal Rhino sculptureI have spent many years learning the art of creating lifelike sculptures using recycled metal on a wire frame. This medium gives me a lot of freedom to express my individuality but it is a very specialised sculpture art form and complex pieces can take a considerable length of time to complete. Individual pieces tend to take on a life of their own depending on the type and colours of the recycled metal used.

My extensive knowledge and interaction with African wildlife allows me to capture the essence of the African animals. My expertise in this leads to unique sculptures that are pleasing on the eye and which capture a taste of Africa while having quirkiness and character.



 Recycled Metal Wild Animal Trophy Heads

One of my key specialities is the creation of African wild animal trophy heads from recycled metal. These are typically large trophy heads which have a very lifelike quality as I am proficient at capturing the character and essence of the animal. These heads can be done in bare metal (silver) or with colouful recycled metal from cans and tins for a bright and colouful sculpture.

I am happy to provide a full set of the African Big Five (Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard and Cheetah) for art lovers who would like to take home a full set of eco-friendly, wildlife friendly Trophies.



Curled Wire Sculptures

Curled wire warthogWhile looking at the recycled metal available I found that I on occasion have access to the offcuts from a steel milling process which creates long curls of steel that look like dreadlocks. This gave rise to an unusual set of sculptures which are not available from any other wire sculptor.


Please contact me if you want to know what sculptures I can provide using any of the above techniques.



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